Over forty different types

In the pre-sorting department, the bags of textiles arrive on the table in the way they were thrown out by the consumer. 

At this stage, the sorter examines the types of textiles involved. 
E.g. household textiles, bedding, sweaters, trousers, children’s clothing, skirts, belts, bags, shoes etc. Around 40 different types are sorted at the pre-sorting department. ‘Like new’ clothing is separated at this point, too.

As well as working accurately and neatly, sorters are expected to achieve a certain level of production following their internal training. The minimum is 2,800 kilos per table per day, but experienced sorters can reach 3,000 a day. 

Gebotex has 3 production lines with 10 tables in the pre-sorting department. When fully manned with optimum sorting, the total production capacity is 90,000 kilos per day. 


Facts and figures

Did you know that:
- the bags of textiles consist of 70% women’s clothing and 6% household material?